Recebi da professora Vera Chaia chamada para o LASA 2015.

We are currently accepting proposals for LASA2015 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We would love to receive your proposal for consideration before the deadline of September 8th, 2014 (17h00 EDT). Please find the Call for Papers here:

Important: All participants need to be LASA 2014 members to be able to submit proposals and be involved in the proposals. You can become a LASA member by joining here: Additionally, section panel participants also need to be section members for 2014. The membership deadline is September 8th, 2014 (17h00 EDT).


Notes on participation:

–          LASA Participants are limited to one paper per congress, no exceptions.  (Co-authorship counts towards the one paper limit).

–          Participants can only have 2 active participations per congress (not counting being an Organizer).  The participation may take the form of paper presenter, discussant or chair role.  A participant is able to be a part of a workshop and a panel. (Section members are allowed a 3rd active participation in a Section panel).

–          Participants can only have 2 organizer appearances. Even if a participant wants to organize more than 2 sessions, they can only be recognized in the program book as an organizer for a maximum of 2 sessions.


We hope to receive your proposal soon! Please send any questions to: or visit our FAQ:


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